Allbet GamingThe realm of online casino is getting more exciting with each passing day as more innovative ideas comes into play. The combinations of both technology and talent have enabled ground-breaking experience as developers such as Allbet Gaming with online casino for Malaysia has incessantly proven many disbelievers wrong.
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Founded in the Philippines in 2014 by a team of betting professionals, Allbet Gaming is touted as the most innovative online casino and entertainment corporation. Owing to its vast experience of more than 10 years, Allbet Gaming has developed some of the most infamous games in the industry like the very best Baccarat gaming platform which surpasses any competitors. Its long standing track record lends further credence in the rather unforgiving industry, where any slight bit of mistakes will invite much prying eyes.

Allbet Gaming: Online Casino That Is Widely Approved

With that said, Allbet Gaming promises to keep a fair, just and safe standard across its services. It has received recognition from The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) which is a government-owned and controlled corporation that operates as a casino, and gaming regulatory body. The corporation authorizes and licenses games of chance, cards, and numbers all of which are within the expertise of Allbet Gaming; receiving the approval from PAGCOR is a testament to Allbet Gaming’s commitment to ensuring a smooth experience. They have also been granted access by the UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority. Going a step further, Allbet Gaming also received certification in standards by Gaming Laboratories International (GLI), a leading testing and certification services provider in the gaming industry.

Welcome To Allbet Club: The Goods

Players used to having access to traditional casinos but are unable to do so due to lockdowns imposed by various authorities caused by the pandemic will be thrilled to learn that Allbet Gaming offers live online gaming sessions in Malaysia. The Allbet live studio is located in Makati Central Business District covering an area of about 1,500 square meters with over 400 employees. This allows you to continue similar gaming experience within the comfort of your own home; some may even find online casinos to be more enticing as you will have access to various games and tables all at your fingertips. Not only that Allbet Gaming provides players with classic and famous live games, they also offer five distinctive game halls for the live streaming service including Dragon Hall, Speed Hall, Multi-play Hall, VIP Hall, and BidMe Hall, all of which has its own unique features and offerings to cater to the diverse needs of every single clients, making them feel as if they are in a real casino.

Real Experience

One of the biggest factor facing detractors from online casino is the lack of personal touch. Fret not, Allbet casino is unlike any others you have seen, dealers are actual real people so it is not computer generated imagery. The whole experience allows you to feel like you are in the casino itself by following the real cards being dealt without fearing of computer software pulling your leg. Each dealer is given a name so you can always choose the dealer you prefer, offering the same actual experience in traditional casinos. Oh, did we mention that Allbet pays special attention to picking young & beautiful women as dealers on the casino floor?

Squeeze it until the pips squeak

Another issue concerning online casinos is the inability to squeeze the card, intended to prolong the excitement as small sections of the card are gradually revealed; the added thrill of squeeze is what makes Baccarat so exciting. In the online casinos operated by Allbet Gaming, player with the highest bid will win the right of squeezing cards via auction. The interface allows for a 360 degree viewing function that replicates the actual experience, ensuring every squeezing moment to be an exhilarating one. To add to the wholesome experience, your card may even be announced by an attractive female voice to give you the final boost to further empower your presence at the table.

Allbet’s Defining Game – Air Fighter

We are not exaggerating when Air Fighter is Allbet Gaming’s identity defining game like Playstation is to Sony. Allbet prides itself in developing some of the most realistic live games in the industry, other than its live online gaming sessions stimulating actual casinos, Allbet Gaming also offers a list of animated games, of which their most interesting and well known – Air Fighter. We are not exaggerating when we say Air Fighter is Allbet Gaming as Playstation is to Sony; Air Fighter is Allbet Gaming’s showcase to the world as its most innovative game. Air Fighter is an arcade style game which players fire bullets at aircrafts, shooting them down in order to score points and win prizes. The game features latest video game style graphics with a progressive jackpot that can be won if you manage to shoot down a boss fighter jet. While the game may seem complicated on first glance, this is still a fixed-odds game so players need not be worried of their own reflexes. The probability based air combat shooting game provides an impressive line-up of 83 different authentic fighter jets and more than 100 case profiles detailing actual historical incidents about the aircrafts that even the most resilient history buff will find entertaining.

The game offers 6 different battle themes each with an unique probability setting, 4 distinct grades of weapons with increasing chance of bringing down jets from the skies, skill based play style  such as automatic or manual shooting options, and notably a jackpot cumulative prize giveaway. The game has an overall return to player percentage of 96.5% and is available on multiple platforms. Air Fighter mimics how a computer game would be, with each bullet you fire being a bet, and each plane you brought down offering a random reward, resulting in an exciting moment every time you claim another victim.

Education Platform

For the technologically inclined or even seasoned land casinos players will find comfort in knowing that Allbet Gaming offers its very own platform teaching for both mobile and desktop. The comprehensive platform teaching basically provides guiding from A to Z with the order being: Login, Interface, uniquely featured halls such as Dragon Hall and VIP Hall, Bid Me and Side Bet, and Multi Play. If you prefer a more personalised customer service experience, Allbet Gaming offers various contact options including 24-hour online customer service live chat. Having a platform for both education and enquiries is crucial to securing and maintaining customers’ confidence.

Wallet Options – Covering All Bases

To cater for customers from various regions of the world, Allbet Gaming offers both Single and Multi Wallets options. This allows players to have the flexibility of keeping track their wins and losses with different games to allow them to reassess their betting habits; transition between wallets in the case of Multi Wallets option will be seamless to facilitate flawless gaming experience.

Allbet: A Favourite Among Malaysia & Asia Casino Operators

Allbet Gaming offers an unbeatable integration process by allowing clients to have the freedom to choose the name of their brand without Allbet’s influence; in a partnership called White Label. This is on top of an existing support for different currencies and languages will make Allbet Gaming an irresistible choice for your platform, as evidenced from the increasing number of sites carrying their games and booming popularity in the gaming industry.


Allbet Gaming has proven itself to be one of the formidable online casino companies that is legally multi-licenced, a game provider that is critically acclaimed and also a backend solutions provider for online casino operators. Not a small feat considering that the industry is usually dominated by bigger players that are usually located beyond Asian countries.

For aspiring online casino operators who wish to capture some of the market share for online casino especially in Malaysia and nearby Asian region, Allbet Gaming is a recommended provider to look for.